Common Misconceptions In Slot Machines

Twenty years ago 30% of the casino’s profits were reported by the slot machine. Today the profit has increased up to 70%. Computer technology has made everything possible to provide big life-switching jackpots enough to change a beggar into a King. This new technology also brought many misconceptions and myths as players try to untangle the secrets of the advanced computerized slot machine. With time these myths have captured the player’s mind and it keeps on increasing day by day.

Some of the facts and myths of the slot machine are mentioned below:

Some Myths:

Slots Myth 1: Do not leave your machine before the result comes because the next player will hit the jackpot which you deserve. It doesn’t make any difference as these slot machines are randomly generated. Even when the slot machine is not being played the RNG is continuously moving through numbers. These numbers represent the losing or winning symbols that you watch when the reels halt.

Slots Myth 2: Warmed-up tokens or coins should be used if the machine is warm to the touch. On the other hand, cold tokens or coins should be used if the machine is cold to touch. This is a very common myth about slot machines. There is no correlation between the temperature coin that you are inserting and the slot machine.
So this myth is false.

Slots Myth 3: If any slot machine has recently hit any jackpot then it will not hit another jackpot for a long time. This is not true as Slot machines are dominated by probability and randomness factors that decide the machine jackpot. It may take few minutes to an hour or a year.

Slots Myth 4: Casinos control the loosening and tightening of slot machines. This is also not true. Casinos do not keep eyes on the machine but they do keep eyes on who loses or wins. The slot machine software is pre programmed software developer and decides its randomness.

Slots Myth 5: At a land-based casino using club cards or bonus money online will give a negative effect on your payout. This is also not true as the machine does not care whether you are paying through casino bonus credits or hard cash.

Some Facts:

Slots fact 1: All the slot machines are not equally created. Starting from the reels number to the payout rates, which may look similar from outside, but internally they are different.

Slots fact 2: All types of casinos are advantageous. Most of the slot machines are pre-programmed to payout range from 88% to 99% according to the insertion of coins. Many free online Slots games you can play for free pay 100%. Here the money is not real but you can have great fun so try your luck.

Slots fact 3: You can watch the final combination of numbers or symbols when the reels stop spinning. Displays of the symbols are dependent on the microprocessor not on the casino owner. So action can change the result of the machine whether you are jigging, dancing, or finger pointing to a particular number.